What Vehicle Would You Drive Through Six Months Of Darkness?

Today is the winter solstice. Well, technically, the point at which the Northern Hemisphere was most turned away from the winter sun was at 12:11 PM EST, but who's counting. And that means today is dark. Some places, though, go through real darkness, for months at a time. And that might require a special vehicle.

Today when we saw a plane landing in northern Norway it was clearly very dark, though it might as well have been the middle of the day. And at the North and South Poles, you might as well have a six-month long day, and an equally intransigent night. That's why if I had to endure nothing but six months of darkness, I'd take a dekotora truck. With all those lights, I'd be a shining beacon of hope, warding off the terrors of the night and all that SAD.


Maybe you don't want that though. Maybe you want something completely blacked-out, for extra sneakiness, because you are being sneaky, at the North Pole, for some reason.

Either way, what vehicle would you drive through six months of darkness? Let us know below in the comments!

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