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Our friends over at Lifehacker are spreading the word on what well-informed gearheads have long known: luxury cars usually undergo tremendous depreciation, turning what were exclusive rides into better bargains than new economy cars. We want to offer some buying advice. What's the best econobox-shaming value in a used luxury car?


Quick note: When you post your answer, please take a few seconds to list some of the model's strong points and a give a general idea of the car's current NADA value.


The Porsche Boxster may never have the purist appeal of the 911s, but that's fine with us; a whiff of disrespect only keeps prices low on one of the best pure driving machines ever sold. Early ones had a notorious and very un-Porsche-like main seal issue, but later cars are among the most reliable machines on the road. They're fast, they handle exquisitely well, they're surprisingly practical with their large trunks, and they're convertibles. The clincher: Prices are unusually reasonable. NADA estimates a 2003 Boxster S with 80,000 miles to be worth around $18,500.

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