There's no such thing as a jack of all trades in the car world. No car can give you everything you want when it comes to style, design, practicality, and fun. But maybe with two cars, you could cover all of your bases.

This idea comes from Nissan back in 1987. At that year's Tokyo Auto Show, they presented the concept car below, the Saurus.


It was a light little Lotus-esque car, complete with a tiny 1.0 liter twincharged engine behind the driver that ended up in the awesome Nissan Micra Super Turbo.

In any case, the car was as stripped as simple as possible, so Nissan came up with a brilliant idea to address its lack of practicality. I'll let the excellent Japanese Nostalgic Car explain.

What made the concept even more fanciful (apart from the twincharged engine, which nobody would have thought credible had Nissan not actually put it into production 2yrs later) was that the Saurus was a part of a "Twincar" concept that Nissan was peddling that year. The idea was that rather than sell individual cars that tried to cater for every need (and hence ended up conservative, compromised and bland), Nissan would sell cars in pairs.


Here's the other car the Saurus was meant to go with: it's the Jura concept, basically a minivan.


The idea was that between the minivan and the ultralight Saurus, all of a person's automotive needs were covered.

The plan never reached production, but I like the concept nonetheless.

What two cars do you think could be sold as a couple, perfectly covering all your vehicular desires?


Photo Credits: Nissan

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