What the Toyota RAV4 Gets Right

It’s easy for enthusiasts to dismiss the Toyota RAV4. After all, it’s a crossover and there are approximately a billion of the things inhabiting this planet. They take the form of Lyfts, Ubers and taxis across the nation. So what makes them special?

Cars like the RAV4 don’t win drag races or top speed runs. They don’t push the boundaries of what’s physically possible. Their power lies in just being a damn good car. The RAV4 is comfortable, easy to drive, reliable and has a great amount of storage room for you to fit all of your crap. Can your Porsche Boxster do that? No, and you shouldn’t have furniture sticking out the top, either. That’s dangerous.


The RAV4 is Toyota’s cash cow, and for good reason. Regular buyers just want a car they can rely on that will do everything they need it to, nothing more complicated than that. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, check out our video and be sure to look out for our full, written review of the 2019 RAV4 tomorrow!

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Margin Of Error

They’re super cool in that blue with the white roof.