Le Mans is an endurance test of man and machine run at the pace of a 3-hour sprint for 24 hours straight. This leads to some unbelievable moments.

For me, one of the greatest moments in Le Mans history the opening of the 1969 race. It was the last year of the traditional, running 'Le Mans' start, because just after the cars set off, Porsche 917 driver John Woolfe crashed and died. His crash was fatal because in the hurry of the getaway, he never fastened his seatbelts.

We see eventual race winner Jacky Ickx protesting the start altogether, walking to his GT40. This contemporary announcer said Ickx just didn't want to deal with the opening traffic jam, but it was really a protest for safety.

What do you think was the most incredible Le mans moment on film or video? And please, don't just post the crashes. There's more to the race than that.