What The Hell Made This DeLorean Melt To The Ground?

It's always tragic when we have to report on one of our favorite cars burning to the ground, but this DeLorean fire is the saddest one I've seen in a good while. What the hell happened here?

This photo of the melty DeLorean comes to us from a fire department in Hazleton, Pennsylvania who say it happened on Interstate 81 Friday morning. The Standard-Speaker offered few other clues, except to say that mechanical issues caused a fire in the engine compartment. Luckily, the driver and passenger were not injured.


Alternate theory: this car was one of Doc Brown's early working prototypes, and when he attempted a time travel experiment it landed in 2013 and promptly burst into flames.

Or, you know, it was just an engine fire.

Hat tip to Guyspeed!

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