What The Hell Is This Weird Ferrari Test Mutant?

We first heard that Ferrari was debuting a twin-turbo refresh of the beloved 458 Italia, dubbed the Ferrari 488 GTB, back in February. But this is not a 488 GTB. The vents are wrong, the exhausts aren’t quite right, and then there’s that sound. The deep, relatively muted noise coming out of it is, well, off.

Here, compare it to another video floating around on the Internet featuring the exhaust noise of the 488 GTB:

Alright, so it’s not ideal as it’s not the external sound of a 488 pounding around a track, and all of this could be affected by microphones and whatnot, but whatever it is in the video up top, I’m willing to wager it’s not your standard 488 GTB, and possibly a track special.


If the engine within belongs to a variant of the 488 at all.

So go on, feel free to run rampant with wild speculation and rumors in the comments. Either it’s an engine for a variant of the 488 GTB, or, OR, it’s whatever’s going in the next-generation Toyota Corolla.

Either one.

Anyways, like I said, go hog wild with this one.

H/t to Carscoops!

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