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What The Hell Is This?

Illustration for article titled What The Hell Is This?

Last week, we received a bunch of pictures of what looked to clearly be some sort of Cadillac prototype out testing, covered in some heavy body cladding. With that batch of pictures also came photos of this test mule as well, but after a week we still can't figure out what it is.

Illustration for article titled What The Hell Is This?

I initially thought that car in the photos, sent in by reader Steve, was a Chevy. But the only one in their lineup that might be roughly this size, and also needs updating, would be the Caprice, but that doesn't feel right here. Then I thought it was maybe a Chrysler or a Dodge, but that doesn't really make sense either.

Travis thinks it's a Hyundai, because Travis is weird (It's a Hyundai. Mike is thick. - TO).

What do you think it is? (If anyone says it's a Hyundai, they are wrong.)

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Hey! I found your photo! It was just wandering around out in the middle of The Information Superhighway! I'm just glad I could return it to you.

Usually though there is, you know, some sort of, I dunno.... Reward maybe? You know? I'm just saying', ya know, I almost got hit by a video stream while I was out there, and it's kind dangerous and all...