Mazda Trolls Everyone With 'World's Fastest' Video (UPDATED)

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On Tuesday, Mazda Canada posted something... odd on their official Facebook page. It's supposed to be a big surprise that's going to be revealed today. What could it be? (Update: Now we know.)

The brief teaser video posted on their Facebook page promises a quarter mile drag race between a Corvette Grand Sport, a Porsche 911, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Lotus Elise. But it promises "five challengers," and obviously none of those are Mazdas, so presumably they have something crazy up their sleeve.

Some are already speculating that it's some kind of high-powered new rotary sports car, possibly the RX-9. Personally, I think that's extremely unlikely, though it would be cool. My guess is it's something else. But I don't know what.


Supposedly, the surprise will be unveiled today, so we'll get on it when and if that happens. Until then, any guesses?

Update: It turns out the Mazda Miata is the world's fastest... at putting its top up when it starts to rain.

That's the surprise. Okay, it's not an RX-9. But it's funny, and it got our attention. Good one, Mazda.