What slow car is the most fun to drive fast?

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"It's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow"—chances are if you're reading this you've heard this statement before. Whether you believe this is just a stupid generalization dreamt up by people who drive slow cars or the focus of your automotive obsession revolves around a similar concept, almost all car lovers have had some fun behind the wheel of a car with less than impressive straight line performance.

Rather than argue back and forth about the aforementioned statement, this weekend we want to know what car you think is the ultimate in driving amusement even if it is a little sloth-like from 0-60. What slow car is the most fun to drive fast?

I spent several years behind the wheel of a 1980 BMW 320i—my pick for the slow car that is the most fun to drive fast. The car was my "reliable winter car" for several years based solely on the fact at 28 years old it was still ten years newer than anything else I owned. Thanks to the 110 horsepower engine getting up to highway speed was a slightly terrifying experience but thanks to the handling and the 5-speed my BMW was still an absolute blast to drive.


No one is ever going to get away with justifying their choice to drive an appliance every day to me following the "better to drive a slow car fast" line of reasoning and given the choice I'd rather drive a fast car slow. Having said that, it's rare more than a week or two go by when I don't miss tearing up the back roads in my little under-powered 320i.