What Silly Car Mod Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Photo: Mercedes Streeter

Leaving a car looking just like it came off the assembly line is nothing less than a character flaw to many of us. But some modifications are long out of style or are even downright silly. An enormous wing on a car that’ll barely break the speed limit is, uh, questionable.


Not everything in this world has to make perfect sense, though. We can personalize our rides to our own tastes, or lack thereof. So what car mod is your guilty pleasure?

A couple of weekends ago I drove a Saturn Ion to its new home in Nashville, Tennessee. On the way home I spotted a car that made me grin from ear to ear — a Honda Civic Si painted yellow and lowered. The paint alone was cool, but what really got me excited was the red underglow emanating from the sides of the car.

Underglow may have hit its peak when The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was still in theaters, but I still love a car rocking some bold neon lighting. Don’t stop there — give me illuminated badges, wheels and interior trim, too. I smile every time I see a motorcycle lighting up the night with colorful lights.

Similar feelings are known around Jalopnik. Bradley Brownell decked out his Nissan Leaf with a fantastic RGB underglow kit.

Illustration for article titled What Silly Car Mod Is Your Guilty Pleasure?
Photo: Bradley Brownell

What are your car mod guilty pleasures? Do you see a truck with some Carolina Squat and wish that your truck looked like that? Do you dig cars with extreme camber that get stuck on a leaf in a parking lot?

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