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Hey team, we have a problem. Clarkson, Hammond and May still don’t have a name for their new car-centric Amazon TV show. What are those jokers doing? They need to get on it!

In the latest preview for, uh, The Still Very Much Untitled Clarkson Hammond ­May Amazon Prime Show Coming Autumn 2016, the trio attempt to brainstorm a proper name for the show by engaging in lengthy old British people banter.


They don’t get very far. So to help them out in the spirit of car-solidarity, your Jalopnik staff came up with a few suggestions this morning. Here’s what we got:

  • Ultimate Gear
  • Toppest Gear
  • Not Gear
  • Bondage Gear
  • Drivin’ Buddies
  • Grindin’ Gears
  • Stick Shiftin’
  • Bitch Better Have My Steak, featuring Jeremy Clarkson
  • Race Wars
  • Fire Me, I Dare You
  • Dammit Westbrook

Okay, that last one was actually something that came up in our Slack channel. But it comes up a lot.

What do you suggest for our intrepid trio?

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