Volkswagen killed the car. Of course I mean the company’s slogan that’s been in use since 2007, which is the German translation “Das Auto.” Since that’s now dead due to the Dieselgate scandal, I thought we could help VW out with some suggestions for a new slogan.

It needs to be catchy, punchy (but not physically violent), smart, fun—basically as little like recent Volkswagen as possible. In fact that appears to be the German brand’s new approach: the opposite of everything it’s doing now. Rumor has it the men have been encouraged not to wear neckties now!

Change is in the air.

That would be a great slogan come to think of it. “Volkswagen: Change Is In The Air.”


The other one I was considering was “Volkswagen: Play Or Get Played.”

Do you have any tips for the renewed, refreshed, “hip” new Volkswagen and its slogan? Offer it below.

Winner gets a giftcard good for $5 at your local Jalopnik dealership.*

*Not a legal agreement

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