What Should The Jeep Cherokee’s New Name Be?

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The principal chief of the Cherokee Nation last week, said that Jeep should change the name of the Cherokee to something else. He believes that it’s time for sports teams and corporations to retire the use of Native American names. With that in mind, what name should Jeep choose to replace Cherokee?

Jeep associates itself with a number of attractive concepts. It wants you to think of freedom, the outdoors, adventure and exploration. In a statement on Wednesday, Jeep said:

Our vehicle names have been carefully chosen and nurtured over the years to honor and celebrate Native American people for their nobility, prowess and pride.


We are, more than ever, committed to a respectful and open dialogue with Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr.


I don’t think Jeep needs to call it Cherokee to invoke those sorts of feelings.

Erin Marquis has an idea that I think is a winner for both the Cherokee Nation and Jeep: Name them after national parks! She thinks that names like Jeep Yosemite or Jeep Yellowstone still gives you all of those feelings of freedom. I dig it. With using the names of national parks, the marques would have a plethora of vehicle names for years to come. Plus, Jeep Yellowstone sounds really hardcore. Jason Torchnisky had the idea to name it the KL, which both sounds cool and has historical precedent with Jeep using CJ.

A few of us in the office had plenty of silly names, too. I think Jeep can steal from the Washington Football Team and call it the Jeep Crossover SUV. Or perhaps the name could be dead simple and Jeep can call it The Jeep.

How would you rename the Cherokee? Do you think it needs renaming?