What do Tom Jones, Mark Wahlberg and Usain Bolt have in common? They've all flung Top Gear's soon-to-be-replaced reasonably-priced car, a Chevy Lacetti, around the test track. What should be Top Gear's new reasonably-priced car?

As we heard Sunday night, the little Chevy-by-way-of-Daewoo's days of swinging around Gambon are over. So now it's time to pick a new reasonably-priced car. The key parameters are inexpensive, available and commonplace in the UK and not very good. Our choice? The Ford Fiesta four-door sedan. That's right — whereas the hatch might be hot under the right powertrain, the four-door sedan Fiesta is anything but sexy. Equip it with the 1.25-liter Duratec and we're talking a whopping 59 HP and 80 lb-ft of torque. Doesn't it just scream reasonably-priced econo-shitbox to you?

It's what we'd like to see, but there's a lot of cheap iron to choose from. What should Helan Mirrin drive next?

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