What’s Your Favorite Car Book?

Enjoy this deep cut I found of Jeff Gordon signing his memoir.
Enjoy this deep cut I found of Jeff Gordon signing his memoir.
Photo: Matthew Peyton (Getty Images)

As I write this, I’m sitting in the midst of a rolling blackout as a result of cold weather and snow in Texas, and I am regretting a lot of things in life. Specifically the fact that I did not travel home with any books and placed an order for some race car books that simply will not arrive until long after this internet exile has wrapped up.

So, while I’m thinking about this, I might as well turn my question to the crowd and see what I can learn from you fine fellas in the realm of car literature. Because while I have a lovely selection of race car books, I don’t have quite as many regular ol’ car books (with the exception of the Yugo book, which is excellent).

Give me the low-down. What books have you read about cars that you think I should read? What books changed your perspective on a car that you thought you knew everything about? What books altered your perception of the industry?


Because, I’ll be totally honest. I’m still learning. I have a pretty firm grasp on the modern car industry and some of the very distant histories, but there are tons of stories that I simply did not live through and therefore don’t understand the same way someone else who had lived it might.

I want those recommendations!

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Dubblewhopper- now in dubblevision

I am not being sarcastic, but this book helped me love cars even more when I was around 4.