What’s Your Closest Near-Death Experience On The Road?

Today we got Jason’s Guide to Driving In India Without Dying. It reminded us of close calls we’ve head ourselves.

Roads across the world are inherently dangerous places. Everyone is zooming around in multi-ton steel boxes with limited visibility. Crashes happen even in the best of times, but then drivers sometimes make questionable choices behind the wheel. Reader iMeanIt has his own experience driving in India, and saw one of the more questionable overtaking maneuvers we’ve ever heard of.

I lived in India (Nilgiri Hills area) back in the 80's and it's good to know that things have changed...a bit.  There are still cows to occupy the roads and I am always mesmerized by the passing ability.  I remember countless times seeing people standing in the road, a cow walking, a bicyclist passing the cow, a motorcycle passing the cyclist, a rickshaw passing the motorcycle, a bus passing the rickshaw and us passing the bus.  All of this in about 2 lanes of patched up road.


All of my accidents have been my own damn fault, so I’ve never had the displeasure of seeing another car coming at me in my lane or anything like that. What’s the closest call you’ve had behind the wheel?

Photo Credit: Matteo Castelli

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