What’s Your Best Flyby Story?

I was at the start of the Montreal Grand Prix, and the cars began to rev on the grid. Massive noise, bleeding ears, huge grin. Then we got buzzed.


I don't know what the planes were, but even a field of F1 cars couldn't compare to the sonic overload of a couple jets blearing overhead.

While we were watching some Danes in F-16s cruise by a big bridge today, some of us started sharing our own stories of flybys. Here are a few of our favorites.


When I was in third grade we lived in Cottage Grove Oregon. Turns out that near the reservoir was a flight path for practicing terrain following maneuvers. We were on the lake when two f4 phantoms came over the mountain on one side of the lake in formation inverted, flipped down right over the water maybe 50-100ft off of it and blasted out across the water. It was amazing



That reminds me of the summer me and a buddy spent in high school at his dad's house on Lake St. Clair. We're there digging a hole in the backyard to put a swimming pool in, when we hear a fast and gradual whine. Seconds later, we're on the ground screaming and covering our ears as a C-130 flew by at about 100 ft above us, landing at nearby Selfridge ANG base. I imagine that that jet engine noise is what God sounds like.



A few years ago, we went to Costco - this happened to be during the Oregon International Airshow, and the Costco in Hillsboro, OR is right next to the airport. We got the family out of our car, and heard a low rumbling, so we figured we'd see a transport or maybe a single jet take off. A few seconds later, we're all deeaf, and watching the Blue Freakin' Angels fly overhead and break formation, blowing smoke and doing all kind of crazy shite. We stood in the parking lot for about 15 minutes watching. Best. Costco. trip. ever.


What's your best flyby story?

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