What’s The Worst Car Sound?

From horrible horns to mangled metal, what's the worst noise you can hear when you're out on the road?

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Two people hold up a sign asking people to stop honking their horns
What’s the worst noise you can hear coming from a car?
Photo: Raveendran / Staff (Getty Images)

Driving is something of a multi-sensory experience for anyone that gets behind the wheel.

You have the tactile sensation of the wheel and that ‘new car smell’ that might be wafting around the cabin. Then, your eyes will take in the road around you, or maybe even the design of your car’s interior. On top of that, there are all the sounds that come with a road trip.

Sound is an important one. As well as adding to your overall enjoyment of the drive, it can also alert you to hazards, dangers and other incidents you might run into while out on the road. But, of all the sounds your car can make, what’s the worst?


That’s what we want to find out today. What is the worst noise you could hear coming from a car?

Maybe you hate the sound of your car’s engine. Or perhaps, you’re of the opinion that no engine noise at all is just as bad, so would never be seen dead in an all-electric car.


Or have you ever considered the variety if horns, alarms, bleeps and bongs that your car makes on a daily basis. One of those has surely got to grind your gears.

Alternatively, you could retch at the thought of the noise made by alloy wheels crunching against the sidewalk. Or, for that matter, the sound of any part of your car crunching against anything is sure to send shivers down the spine of any self-respecting car fan.


Or maybe your car is prone to that one very specific noise that spells disaster.

Whatever the sinister soundtrack you might have on your mind, we want to know. So, let us know your picks for the worst noise you could hear coming from your car in the comments section below.