What’s the Worst Car Ford Ever Built?

From muscle cars to electric trucks, Ford has made it all. But what’s the worst car to roll off its production lines?

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A photo of a silver Ford Thunderbird convertible from 2004.
Is this the worst car from Ford?
Photo: Ford

For almost 120 years, Ford has been churning out a whole heap of proudly American motors. From the original Mustang and the GT40 to the 1955 Thunderbird and the wicked cool Focus ST, the Blue Oval has had some triumphs over the years. But not everything to roll off its production lines has been a hit.

So, when you look back on 119 years of automotive history, what stands out as the worst car Ford has ever built?

Despite a long list of heavy hitters to pick from, the firm has also had its blunders over the years. So, whether it’s the bland Ford Festiva or the slightly explosion-prone Ford Pinto, we want to hear your picks for the worst car to roll out of Ford’s production facilities here in the U.S. and overseas.


Maybe you take offense to the simplicity of the first-generation Ford Fiesta. Premiered in 1976, the first-ever Fiesta was small and kinda cute, but underpowered. It lacked the charm of the other hatchbacks coming out of Europe at the time, like the Renault R5 or the MK1 VW Polo.

And sure, while the Fiesta might have eventually made it Stateside, there are ample options to choose from that were designed with the U.S. market in mind. So, what about the 11th-generation Thunderbird?

It’s always tough reviving an iconic car, and the Thunderbird showed just how wrong things can go. It looked a bit like someone tried to describe the original to a designer over the phone. On top of the weird exterior, the inside was pretty naff and the car didn’t handle anywhere near as well as it should have.

But with 119 years of car making to choose from, what would you pick as the worst Ford car of all time? Head to the comments section below and let us know your picks. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders in a slideshow on Monday.