What’s The Worst Big Car Out There?

Cars are always getting bigger, but that doesn’t always mean better.

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A photo of the Mercedes X-Class
It turns out nobody wanted a “premium” pickup truck.
Photo: Mercedes

I’ve always been a proponent of small cars. Everything you would want to do in an Escalade, you can do while having more fun in a Golf. I’m getting that mantra engraved on my tombstone. But if you are forced behind the wheel of a car the size of a container ship, what’s the worst one out there?

That’s what we want to find out this week, we’re taking a look across the automotive spectrum and hunting out the worst big car you can buy.


A lot of factors can make a car seem bad. It could be the styling that leaves a sour taste in your mouth thanks to its boring lines and blocky aesthetic.

Or maybe the interior leaves a little to be desired. In that case, it might not come with as many creature comforts as you’re used to, the layout might not feel as ergonomic or the build quality might be lacking.


You might have an undying hatred for SUVs like the Ford Explorer or GMC Acadia. Or perhaps you aren’t a fan of some of the iconic pickup trucks out there that maybe don’t live up to the hype. Are you brave enough to bash the F-150, Silverado or Ram 1500 in the comments section?

Of course, an easy target here would be something like the Mercedes X-Class.

Billed as the “the world’s first true ‘premium’ pick-up truck, the X-Class was based on a chassis from Nissan. The truck was produced by Mercedes between 2017 and 2020 to target a “growing” demand for bougie trucks, apparently.


At its peak, the firm sold 16,700 in a year, but construction quickly came to a halt after sales began to dwindle. Clearly, “premium” trucks wasn’t a market Mercedes was able to tackle.

But, if not the X-Class, what would you say is the worst big car out there?

Head to the comments section to pitch your suggestions, and we’ll round up some of the worst suggestions on Monday afternoon.