What’s the Weirdest Big Blue Thing You’ve Ever Seen On The Road?

The Big Blue Thing was pretty normal compared to some of the crazier oversize loads

Gif: YouTube

In case you didn’t see, a Big Blue Thing crashed into a Boston bridge on Monday afternoon and did damage that’s going to take months to fix. One reader is pretty sure it’s a cement silo, but we haven’t been able to confirm that. Regardless, it got me thinking about other big blue things I’ve seen carried by trucks on the road. Some that were not blue, even. What are the craziest big blue things you’ve seen?


The things you’ve seen don’t have to be blue, but they should be outrageously, comically and maybe even hazardously large. The kind of payload that would wreak havoc if it came loose from its flatbed, or came across a low-clearance bridge.

Many of us have been on the highway at some point when a conspicuous car or truck will pop up, waving flags and flashing lights, which announce an oversize load. It’s kind of fun to drive along side or ahead of the trucks and their escorts. Though, I wouldn’t want to be stuck behind some of these.

We’ve covered some pretty crazy cargo, like wind turbine blades or the toll gantry, but there’s even crazier stuff out there. The Air Force recorded a KC-135 Stratotanker being moved in Ohio. That was just a plane used in training exercises, so it was just the fuselage that needed moving. I would love to see how they get something that big on the flatbed.

I’ve never actually seen anything like that out on the road, but I’ve run into doublewide trailers, or mobile homes. The kind people live in. The trucks will be crawling along the highway with the mobile homes taking up this massive span of road and I can’t help but stare. Apparently, mobile homes or trailers aren’t the only types of houses you can transport on the road. The TXDOT specifies that there’s an actual “House Move” for anything that’s wider than 20 feet.

Compared to some of those other payloads, that big blue cement silo doesn’t seem so wild, but what about you? What’s the weirdest big blue thing you’ve ever seen?



Not blue, but a Waukesha Engine on it’s way to a customer.