The other day I was about to call the Dakar Rally the toughest race in the world, but then I realized I didn't really have any proof for the claim. There must be a harder test of car and driver, no?


I mean, what about the Baja 1000, or any number of other desert races I've never even heard of? Surely there's some Pan-Siberian race that holds up the tradition of the old Paris-Dakar, or a 24-hour off road race in Angola that never gets any publicity.


Naturally, this brought me back to what must be the toughest form of vehicular competition in the world: achteruitrijden. It's basically driving backwards in complete beaters on mud-strewn tracks in the Netherlands. You end up flying over bumps and shattering important parts of your spine, or getting crashed into by a field full of rusty DAFs for very little in the way of fame or glory.

Still, we're sure you know some kind of Yugoslavian endurance demolition derby that's much tougher than anything else, so post it in Kinja below. We're taking nominations for any motorized vehicle racing, so bring on your motorcycles, trophy trucks, and hovercraft.

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