What’s The Official Car Of IT Professionals?

CES is happening in Las Vegas at the same time as the Detroit Auto Show, so let's pause a moment to consider the computer specialists and system administrators in our lives. What is the most appropriate car for your office's information-technology staffers?

Being an informed gearhead and being a skilled computer maven are not mutually exclusive pursuits, but the time and involvement required for either sometimes crowd out the other. Therefore, it's reasonable to expect computer people to skew a bit towards something that reflects their tech priorities instead of ours.


You'd think a Nissan GT-R would be the aspirational technoid car of choice, but back in the real world where your corporation has skipped raises for the third year in a row that's out of reach. Closer to home yet with all the tech kit you can reasonably get in a modern car, the Acura TSX with the Technology Package definitely taps the touchscreen the right way. Uninvolving driving traits and clinical personality? Perhaps. Voice control, multiple telecommunications channels, real-time weather and traffic? Now we're chatting.

What's the best wheels for the folks in the server room?

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