What’s The Most Terrifying Road To Drive On?

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What's the road that, no matter how much you love driving, requires you to pack an extra pair of underpants?


How can a road be terrifying? Oh, let me count the ways. A particular thoroughfare may be frightening due to its twists and turns and precarious drops. Another, because of the terrible, no good, very bad drivers that frequent its lanes on a daily basis. And still more may have spooky scary billboards and murderers hiding alongside.

One such road is I-78 through Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This road is not terrifying because of its shape, nor because of murderers. Nor do bad drivers dominate the scene (though lo, they can be found here). No, 78 is a frightening road because of the Crown Victorias, Impalas, and Chargers that line its blind curves, overpasses, and on-ramps. In the brush of wild New Jersey, the hungry Crown Victoria may pounce for infractions as seemingly inconsequential as driving 82 in a 65, a speed which will barely allow you to keep pace with the guidos in E36's and trophy wives in GL's.

Where are other terrifying roads? Precipitous inclines, bad drivers, you name it-show us to them in the comments.

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Highway 550 in Colorado. white. knuckle.