What’s The Most Realistic Driving Simulator?

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Microsoft's Flight Simulator claims to be the best, er, flight simulator out there. But what if you want to stay on the ground?

Simulating the driving experience is tough to accomplish. On the face of it, all you've got to be able to do is steer, accelerate, and brake. On top of that, however, there are about a million different inputs. What's the road surface like? How does it sound? What's the weather? What about the varying performance of every car? It's not an easy feeling to recreate, though we're thankful people try, as very few of us will ever have a chance to drive the myriad of supercars offered in various driving simulations.

If we were making the decision, we'd have to go with Crazy Taxi. If you've ever driven a car, you know that's exactly how it looks, works, and feels. No, of course, we're kidding. In actuality, Gran Turismo 5 is a pretty good one that you can put in your own living room. The game's creators are meticulous in attempting to make the most realistic driving game out there, and spend years doing so. And, bonus, it's almost as frustrating to play as maintaining, insuring, and paying for a real car!


But Gran Turismo 5 is only the most obvious choice. Surely you'll be able to trump that in the comments. Have at it. Many will try, but only one can survive.

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

The rims, the sleekness, the groundedness. It's almost like I'm actually driving.