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What’s The Most Overrated Feature In Modern Cars?

Is there an optional extra that promises so much but delivers so little?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Reversing cameras and parking sensors, are they overrated?
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Modern cars come with everything except the kitchen sink these days. But not every feature crammed into your daily driver was created equally, and some just never quite live up to the hype. So today, we want to uncover the most overrated features in modern cars.

As the technological arms race continues, modern cars are now delivered with an ever-growing list of features crammed into the cabin. Options to make driving easier, more comfortable or stress-free are all popping up from different automakers. But, how many of these add-ons do you actually like?


We’re not talking about useful things like headlights, window wipers and air conditioning, oh no. Today, it’s all about the automotive near misses – features that promised so much, but delivered so little.

How do you feel about the heated, massaging seats in your luxury SUV? Is the reversing camera on your city car really as useful as you’d hoped? And what about the wireless phone charger that’s fitted to your electric pickup? Could you live without these creature comforts, or are they now almost as essential as a steering wheel?


These are the kind of features we’re critiquing today. The options that could be seen as overrated.

Dual-zone climate control is a feature I could definitely live without. It sounds so fancy and is billed as a mystical device to allow driver and passenger to independently control the heating and airflow in their own areas. But, a car is a pretty small space really. So, on a long journey, the hot diffuses into the cold and the cold mixes with the hot to leave you feeling tepid.

Nobody wants to feel tepid.

But what other features on your modern car aims for more than it achieves? Today, we want to uncover the most overrated options that are fitted to your vehicles.