What’s The Most Impractical Car You Can Buy Today?

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You can pack strategically, you can unfriend everybody but your closest companion, and you can tell yourself the tradeoffs are worth it. But no matter what you do, there are some cars that are just hopelessly impractical.

Practicality is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to car buying. You won't find many people telling you they bought their Miata for its seating capacity and trunk space. Still, it's certainly nice to have if you're traveling or want to take some friends for a ride.

You won't be doing much of either of those, however, if you buy a new Lotus Exige. You'll have seating for two and….um….yea. Of course, there's a reason-you're buying one of the best driving cars that exist. What you're not buying, however, is a car for Saturday afternoon country club outings, or anything else that requires you to carry more than a friend and a few snacks. Who needs friends when you're having fun?


The Exige is rather impractical, but is there something even less useful for sale out there? If you think so, comment below.

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