What’s The Most Embarrassing Reason You Needed A Tow?

When you find yourself in times of trouble, did the tow truck come for you?

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A tow truck picks up a stranded car in the snow
Why have you needed to call in the recovery squad?
Photo: Franck Fife (Getty Images)

It might happen while you’re off-roading, tackling the snow or simply because your car gave up the ghost on a long ride. But every now and then, everyone needs to call in the recovery squad.

But it may not always be a noble reason that forces you to call for help. Instead, you might have been trying to impress somebody or attempting an automotive feat that had no hope of success. And these stories are what we’re after today, the embarrassing reasons you needed to call in roadside assistance.

We’re not talking about the impressive loads you’ve seen hauled down the highway, or the mighty machines you use to transport your track toys from A to B, oh no. Instead, we want to hear tales of mishap and mayhem that have left you in need of a rescue.


While not a wholly unpredictable scenario, I was once driving through a national park in a blizzard en route to film with the Mountain Rescue. As I’m sure you guessed, I soon ended up stuck in a snow drift.

Thankfully, I was stranded only a five minute walk from a squad of highly-trained rescue professionals. Handy that, isn’t it?


Luckily for me and my car, the Mountain Rescue are usually equipped with the tools and brute force to save people from worse situations. So they quickly set to work and helped rescue me and my stricken Vauxhall Corsa. What a great and wholly professional start to a two-day shoot with a team of outdoor experts.

But what about you? When have you been left running for help with your tail between your legs? Let us know about the times that you were the most embarrassed to call out the tow truck in the comments section below.