What’s The Greatest Car That Was Never Built?

For ever car you do see on the road, there are a hundred more projects that never quite made it off the ground. Cars that should have been built, cars that were nearly built, but never were.

One car springs to mind. You might be surprised to know that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good friends, and Ford admired Edison a great deal. Ford built his own electric car in 1913 (pictured above), but in 1914, the two collaborated on a project to build an affordable electric car. It was going to use Edison's own battery technology, but both their car and battery workshops burned down in a fire. There were also problems with the car's nickel-Iron Edison batteries, but if it had been refined and built, it could have reinvigorated the fading electric car market. One can imagine serious implications for our atmosphere and our automotive landscape.


What car was never built, but would have been groundbeakingly spectacular if it was?

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(Hat tip to Alex Roy!)

Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company

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