What’s The Fastest Street Legal Car In America?

What's cooler than a huge horsepower tuner car? A huge horsepower tuner car that you can drive to the supermarket.


It's hard to imagine a faster car on the roads than the Group B-esque Ronin Exige. It's got a twincharged 680 horsepower motor and not much else to weigh it down. We're sure you can think of a few streetable super high horsepower drag cars out there that are faster, though.

Remember, we will decide this competition by straight line speed and the cars must be on the road today.

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Hear me out. It might not beat a brand new GTR pumped to a million horsepower. But if you were in this thing you'd feel like it was going light speed. Ok I'm not going to get on the list but this video is ridiculous