What’s The Craziest One-Off Ever Built?

McLaren just unveiled their new X-1 concept, which covers up an MP4-12C with custom bodywork (including wheel spats) inspired by none other than the Citroën SM. It's pretty out there, but certainly there have been stranger one-offs.


We have to pick the Ferrari Modulo of 1970. It's one of Pininfarina's greats, designed to be as low as possible, not unlike Bertone's also-bonkers Stratos Zero. Hand anyone else a Ferrari 512 racing chassis and they'd try and make something elegant and beautiful. The Modulo just wanted to blow your mind.

Whether it came from a pre-war coachbuilder, a 1960s Big Daddy Roth-wannabe, or an unhinged carmaker, what's the craziest one-off car you've ever seen? Remember it has to have been built, it has to have run, and there can't have been more than one made.

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Photo Credit: Pininfarina

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