What’s the Biggest Car You Could Actually Live With?

Cars are getting bigger and bigger each year, but is there a point where they get too big?

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A photo of a blue VW Transporter van.
It’s just perfect.
Photo: Volkswagen

Here in America, everyone always tells you that bigger is better. Bigger roads, bigger houses, bigger ovens and even bigger portion sizes. One area where this is even more apparent is the size of the cars that fill the roads here in the home of the brave. But, does there come a point where the dimensions of your daily driver go too far?

After taking some time yesterday to consider the smallest cars you could ever live with, we’re going to go the other way. Today, we want to know what is the biggest car that you could actually live with?

So far this year, trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram pickups have dominated the list of best-selling models stateside. Are these the kind of things you draw the line at, or can you go bigger? Does the new Ford Super Duty spark something deep inside you?


Or perhaps behemoths like this are already pushing the boundaries of what you’re comfortable driving round town. Then, the near 16-foot-long Kia Sorento might be on the fringes of what’s acceptable for you.

Personally, I think I’d draw the line at anything more than 193.1” long, 90.4” wide and 78.3” tall. Coincidentally, that’s the exact dimensions of a short-wheelbase VW Transporter van - the only acceptable vehicle for anyone claiming they need more space in the back.


Sure, the classic splitscreen VW bus is neat, but that piece of automotive history pales in comparison to the joy of a new Transporter. They look sleek, are surprisingly fun to drive around the mountains (for a van, at least) and can haul around all manner of biking or camping kit and even double as a handy work van. What a machine.

So that’s my limit, what about you? Head to the comments section below and let us know the biggest car that you could actually live with. We’ll round up some of the top responses in a slideshow on Monday.