What’s The Best Drive-Thru Restaurant in America?

From Runza to Taco Bell, what is your go-to drive-thru while in a pinch or on the road?

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A car approaches the drive-thru at a Wendy's
What’s the best drive-thru restaurant in America?
Photo: Frederic J Brown / Contributor (Getty Images)

We’ve all been there: Driving down the highway for hours, you’re faced with a rumbling belly that’s punishing you for forgetting to pack snacks. Then, a heartwarming sight, a drive-thru appears before you.

But, not all drive-thru spots are created equally. And your hungry stomach’s impending happiness could all hinge on what options are available when you pull off the highway. So, when all the options are on the table, what is the best drive-thru restaurant in America?

Maybe you have a hankering for a Frosty and some spicy nuggets, in which case I hear Wendy’s is the best bet for you. Or, if you just want to be in and out as quickly as possible, a recent study found that KFC was the fastest drive-thru. There, diners wait just 283.3 seconds to pick up their Nashville Hot Tenders Combo. Speedy.


But what about the local spots? I’m just starting to venture outside of New York State, so what regional drive-thru diners are worth passing through on any imminent road trips or travel adventures?

Today’s ‘Question Of The Day,’ it seems, is as much about finding the nation’s favorite drive-thru spots as it is about finding my dinner. And any advice is always welcome on that front.


So before you get caught up in another pay-it-forward scheme at the drive-thru window, take a moment to assess the options. And no matter if it’s burgers, tacos or something else entirely, we want to hear your picks for America’s best drive-thru restaurant.

Also, when you’re heading to your favorite drive-thru destination, what are you ordering to take away?


Let us know your choices in the comments section below, and we’ll round up some of the best drive-thru restaurants in America later on today.