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What’s The Best City To Have A Car Chase In?

Illustration for article titled What’s The Best City To Have A Car Chase In?

Which urban obstacle course is going to provide the most entertaining and interesting car chase?


Car chases, as a result of their nature, are going to be interesting anywhere they take place. That being said, there's a much better chance of a good one taking place in a city or similarly challenging environment than on a highway through Montana.

Although Pierre L'Enfant was dead more than half a century before the car was even invented, you'd think he had car chases in mind when he designed Washington, D.C. There are rotaries, tunnels, and bizarre intersections all over the place, not to mention the natural hills and water features. Can a car jump off the Whitehurst Freeway, onto K Street, pass the Swedish Embassy and then make it onto a barge on the Potomac? We'd love to find out.


What other cities would make a good backdrop for an epic car chase? Bonus points for pictures and descriptions of what will happen.

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Photo Credit: vlabeb

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San Fran!