What’s The Best Chinese Car?

The Chinese auto industry may be in its infancy, but which car would you most like to see make the jump stateside?

In the 1950's, we made fun of those dinky little European cars. In the 1960's, we made fun of tiny, fuel-sipping Japanese cars. In the 1990's, we made fun of cheap, unreliable Korean cars. Today, we make fun of Chinese cars. Sensing a pattern? The same companies that we lampoon for their childish knockoffs may well be the bestsellers here in a decade or two.


While not strictly Chinese in brand, the MG6 is a Chinese-owned, -designed, and –sold car, so we're going to run with it. It's a pretty good looking little 5-door (and no extra charge for the rear-wiper, a la Porsche), and it's the most mature looking project to come out of China thus far. Though, the new Lotus-designed Youngman T5 could take that title away soon.

What other Chinese cars might you like to test drive, maybe even buy? Leave your best idea in the comments.

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Photo Credit: MG

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