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For a young enthusiast who appreciates all species in the automotive pantheon, how is one to choose a single car to buy? A young community members seeks your advice.

Here's the note we got from him:

As an avid reader of your site, I have come to admire all of the different types of vehicles that spawn Jalopniks. As I am young, newly employed, and impetuous, I was hoping you might do a QOTD about the best car for a budding Jalopnik. Basically I am just looking for good, biased car buying advice.

Yours Truly,
Michael (Panzer23)

Although we cannot speak to Mr. Panzer's budget, we can assume that he has some money to spend on a car as he is currently employed. We think, however, that it is safe to infer that importing a well-restored Ferrari California is out of his budget. So, given such a broad stroke: what Jalop-worthy car do you recommend?


A Citroen SM should do fine. It'll break all the time and will foster the sacred love/hate relationship every owner should have with his or her car. The highs will be so high, and the lows will be so low. The car is relentlessly bizarre and impressively rare. Why would we suggest something so hard and expensive to fix yet so prone to breaking? He said he's impetuous, and this is, after all, biased advice.

If you don't think a completely unreliable 40-year old French car is right for Michael, let him (and us) know what you think the proper choice is in the comments.

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