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What’s One Thing The Next Generation Of Car People Needs To Know?

There will always be new car fans, but what advice can you offer to help create better car fans?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A black and white photo of young people sat on a car hood.
What would your generation like to pass on to the upcoming pack of car fans?
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Back in my day, we had to make do with just a cassette player, none of this new fangled Apple Car Play malarky. That’s how old people speak to the younger generation all the time, right?

Well, that’s exactly how I’m hoping today’s question doesn’t go. That’s because we’re looking for the pointers you would give to the next generation of car fans and the advice and knowledge we can gain from one another.


That’s right, being a person of cars is no new thing. People have been car fans for as long as there have been vehicles out on the road. So, what can we learn from one another? And, as a new generation of car fans begins to find their footing, what’s something younger car-crazed individuals need to learn from those that came before them?

Maybe it’s something that can help them overcome a fear of working on something that looks overly complicated. Perhaps you have pointers on how to maintain the the electronics on a modern Mercedes, or you might be an expert at untangling the complex mess that is the the vacuum hoses on an FD RX7.


Or perhaps you have some tips on driving that every inexperienced enthusiast needs to be aware of, or maybe you just want to recommend a car that every new fanatic should get behind the wheel of at least once.

Whatever the advice you have for the upcoming generation of gear heads, we want to hear it.

So let us know your tips in the comments section below and we’ll compile some of the best answers later today. Maybe that way, we can create the super-car-fan of the future!