What’s One Thing That's Always Worth Spending Extra Money On?

There are some things that you should never cheap out on.

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Inexpensive car parts and tools are great until they fail in a manner that has you seeing your life flash before your eyes. What’s always worth spending extra money on?

This one sparked a good discussion in our office Slack. My colleagues suggest tires and windshield wipers as good parts to throw some extra money at. They’re good choices.

A crappy pair of windshield wipers will demonstrate how terrible they are the second you’re stuck in a downpour. Tires are even more obvious, the difference between a good set up tires and a bad one is night and day.


I like spending a little extra money on tools and technology.

Cheap tools are great for basic jobs that don’t require a lot of precision. My Harbor Freight socket set certainly gets a decent workout doing small car repair jobs. But when it comes down to bigger jobs that require a little more attention to safety, precision, I spend more. A good rule to follow is that if the tool can kill you or the part you’re working on causes a huge headache if a fitting rounds out, spend more money on the tool.

I also like spending money on technology. Upgrading an old car’s lighting and stereo system are great ways to bring an old car into the modern day. But don’t just buy the cheapest stuff on the shelf because you won’t be happy.

A $20 headunit with equally cheap speakers are not likely to sound all that good and probably won’t come close to fitting with the design of your car’s interior, either. It’s always worth springing more for decent sound and an aesthetic that actually makes sense.


What’s always worth spending extra money on? Is there something you will never cheap out on?