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What’s going on in this Talbot brochure, exactly? Are they saying that the car has front seat comfort equivalent to a beachside real-estate office waiting room? Is that plant dead? Are they drinking tang? Why is she looking blankly ahead like that? Also, look at the size of that video camera rig resting in the back seat, with its separate recording unit, and marvel at what your phone does, just for a moment. Now you have extracted all you can from this image. Congratulations. 


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Tentacle, Dutchman, drives French

Translated from Dutch:

The Solara, unprecedented driving pleasure

As soon as you open the door of the Solara, you’ll feel right at home. The proportions, the color combinations, the rough moquette floors, the deep seats, it all breathes harmony, peace and relaxation.

The nice upholstery and the modern dashboard catch your eye. Each detail bears witness of the great amount of attention that has been spend on passenger comfort. Well-formed head rests front and rear, an effective heating and ventillation system, etc. You’ll sit relaxed so that you can enjoy to the fullest.

Thanks to its well thought-out independent suspension (anti-roll bars front and rear, torsion bar springs at the front and coil springs at the rear) driving with the Solara is a very enjoyale experience, kilometer after kilometer...