Wojdyla and I were admiring this Mercedes 6.9 and realized most of our must-haves were pre-1987. As a challenge we've now got to ask: what post-millennium car is a must-have?

We put together a list of 13 cars we both considered to be must-have autos with model years 2000 or higher. It wasn't as hard as we expected but there was still a challenge to it. Because we're strange, the first-gen Volvo V70R is a no-brainer to us. Give us the money to put together a post-2000 garage of cars representing the best engineering, the most unique design, and the coolest ideas of the era and we'll snag one of these. First of all, it's one of the most understated performance cars ever. It looks like a grocery getter but hides 265 HP underneath the hood. And it makes the power in such a strange way, pumping it out of a turbocharged five-cylinder engine through all wheels. While a sub-6.0 second 0-to-60 MPH time isn't the wildest number in history — add in a 155 MPH top speed and it is one mean grocery-getter. Everyone knows about the RS6 Avant, but who looks twice at a V70 wagon?

Oh, also, Wes and Wert both say Corvette ZR1.

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Photo Credit: Volvo Forums