What Planet Did This Tank Came From?

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There are no details of this tank, which could be from the Soviet Era. The picture finder says that some people suggested is a fog/smoke generator but, for its looks, it could be an armored antimatter cannon. [Updated: Target identified]


Why a smoke/fog generator? The finder says it could be a water cannon for "burning oil wells", but it may as well be a flamethrower. Whatever it is, it looks very menacing. Any idea of what this thing really? If you have any clue, tell us in the comments. [DRB]

Update: According to reader Adrian Pendzich, it's a Soviet Progvev-T, a gas-dynamic minesweeper. This 37-tons beast was a T-54 tank base and a MiG-15 jet engine on top. The trawler had also a container with kerosene that allowed to clear 6 kilometers of road without refueling. Apparently, this dragon used the MiG-15 engine to uncover and destroy mines with heat.

I'm flabbergasted. [Thanks Adrian!]


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