What Pissed You Off The Most In 2015?

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Before we start doing our traditional spiked eggnog kegstands with Nana and Pop-Pop, let’s take a moment to remember what’s really important: all the terrible things that happened in in the car world in 2015.

Don’t get me wrong, I look back on this past year as a generally good one; we live an age of unprecedented automotive performance and technology. It’s hard to argue with all the options enthusiasts have out there now.

But 2015 had plenty of outrage-moments too. Just a few come to mind for us: Dieselgate; angry notes from fuckhead Portland residents about Dieselgate; the fact that General Motors basically skated any kind of real consequences over the ignition switch defect that killed 124 people; and that the Nissan IDx is officially dead as a doornail so Nissan can focus on boring, mainstream crap that can only be moved off dealer lots with heavy discounts and incentives.


What car stuff pissed you off the most this year?

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