Would sell my whole entire soul for an XJ13 replica.
Photo: Jaguar (Wikimedia Commons)
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Earlier today, we told y’all about how two British companies are teaming up to reproduce a Mk II Ford Escort the way it should be—rally-ready and relatively affordable. And it got us thinking here at Jalopnik: which cars do you think most deserve a reproduction?

Folks are pretty torn about the whole “reproduction” thing. When I sat down to write this, my brother spotted the headline, and I got myself a lecture on why reproducing cars is Bad With A Capital B. A self-proclaimed car purist, he let me know that he very firmly rejected the idea.


Wonderful Jalops, that is not the question! The question is what cars would you love to see back on the road again—as a reproduction of course? And yes, race cars count too.

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