What On-Screen Character Drove The Wrong Car?

Screenshot: HBO’s Succession
Screenshot: HBO’s Succession

HBO’s Succession is a brilliant show with a fantastic rotating cast of rich people and rich people’s cars. There are some old Defenders, a few Wagoneers, plenty of Range Rovers and a deluge of S-Classes. But then there’s Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter), a high-powered CEO of a news conglomerate that arrives in the back of a Jaguar I-Pace.


Without spoiling anything, I can say that Rhea works for an organization that’s considered relatively liberal and more socially conscious than main company in the show, WayStar Royco. Maybe, the goal is to frame that up with an electric car. But the choice of a Jaguar I-Pace struck me as so strange that I automatically assumed that it was a paid product placement. After some research, it doesn’t appear that it was.

Screenshot: HBO’s Succession
Screenshot: HBO’s Succession

I say it’s weird because not only is the Jaguar I-Pace not a luxurious limousine with massaging rear recliners, it’s not even large. The I-Pace has 35 inches of rear legroom. A Toyota Camry, for references, has 38. That means that this multimillionaire with a dedicated chauffer is getting more pinched than a college kid in an Uber pool.

Also, if the goal is to project environmentalism or draw attention to her being in an electric car, you’d imagine her in a Tesla. Sure, it’s no S-Class in the back, but I can totally see a world in which a CEO gives up some comfort to be seen “saving the world.” What I can’t see is a seasoned CEO who makes no mention of environmentalism riding around in a Jaguar with a swooping roofline and not a lot of space in the back.

Anyway, this is just one of the many reasons that I’m an annoying person to watch shows with. This tiny strange detail in one of my favorite shows has inspired a petty tirade that I’m actually publicly posting. I’m doing so because I trust that the Jalopnik community is just as petty and pedantic as I am, so please drop your stories about weird character-car pairings in TV shows or movies down below.

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A while ago, I watched the movie Geostorm and was very disappointed to find that the main character did not drive a Geo Storm. In fact, not a single character in the movie drove a Geo of any sort. I didn’t even see any in the background. This makes me sad.