What Old Car Would You Buy New?

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Much as we enjoy some new cars, as our reviews show, there's something to be said for cars born before the glut of safety and emissions controls that define modern automobiles.

Nissan not-so-famously restored and re-sold some old 240Zs they had lying around to drum up interest in their upcoming 240z Concept and 350Z. At $24,000, nobody really bought them because they were too expensive compared to used examples. But what if the original 240Z had never been built back in the day and Nissan somehow had debuted the S30 chassis in 1998 just as it would have in 1969? You can bet that we would have drooled over a relatively light, underpowered, but fun little coupe like that.


If it was introduced for the first time today, what old car would you buy new?

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Photo Credit: Trevor Page