What Nightmare Car Can't You Resist?

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Our afflicted car enthusiast commenters seem to be attracted to awesome and gorgeous cars destined to brake their hearts and their piggy banks. It happens. What nightmare car can't you resist?

How repressed as a society do you have to be to build the Jaguar E-Type? On the list of the sexiest things produced by Britain in a century we'd maybe put Jane Birkin and Vivien Leigh up there with the E-type. Maybe. It was the rolling embodiment of sex, and we should probably underline rolling because there's no guarantee if you own one it'll operate without some aid from gravity. Was it ever designed to actually be used as a car? It's unclear, but it doesn't matter. We'd still buy one without blinking if the price was right and live with the consequences.

Freddy Kruger's coming, and he's got an MG he wants you to test drive.

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It's on fire, but he's still looking back at it, longing for it.