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A friend surprised me this morning by announcing he'd like to save a Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8 for the future. It's a choice befitting the name but an interesting thought: what new car would you throw in a vault?


Both for value and enjoyment I'm saying Pontiac G8 GXP, a car I fear they'll no longer allow anyone to make in 25 years when I punch in the code and it rolls out in a comically large cloud of gasses. It's fairly sleeper looking now but will appear insane in another generation. All the power, all the fun, and behind a badge no one will recognize that far in the future. This brings us to the other point. For value it'll be hard to find a car so affordable now that'll be so rare in the future. The last car of an orphaned brand that also happens to rock? Check please.


If you invested in Goldman Sachs stock yesterday, this is going to look like a good investment.

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