What Modern Car Will You Have To Explain To Your Kids?

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As a child in love with cars I'd point to them and scream "What is that!?!" Whether tiny Gremlin or giant Eldorado, my dad tried his best to enlighten. What modern car will you have to explain to your kids?

We'd rather just say Aztek and move on, but our fear is a big ugly crossover will seem commonplace in a decade or two and the muscle car will be anachronistic. In a future of electric and hybrid multipurpose vehicles designed to minimize fuel consumption and maximize passengers it will be incumbent on us to provide reasoning for a car designed to maximize fuel consumption and minimize passengers. Will a car that's all motor make sense to someone used to driving in a car with electric motors hidden away? How will they be made to understand a car like the Challenger that's 16-feet long and only seats four (and only two comfortably) and isn't full of drop-down screens?

Ah, yes, we'll just take them for a drive in one.

Whether you have kids, are planning a family or may accidentally end up with one, what cars will your kids just not understand?


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