What Makes You A Better Driver Than Everyone Else?

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It’s not excessively hard to get a driver’s license. I mean, 16-year-olds do it, and they can barely do anything. However, being a good driver takes some training, experience and attention. Even after years of piloting a car, not every driver on the road can claim to be a good driver. Some people cannot even really follow signs! Do you think you’re a good driver? Why?

I think I’m a pretty good driver. When I was a teenager I went the extra step and learned defensive driving skills. I was lucky to have a driving instructor that wanted to make good drivers, not just drivers who could pass our state’s weak sauce road test. As an adult, I continue learning with more advanced training. I even plan on getting proper training to drive large vehicles.


One of the most helpful lessons I learned was to look and scan ahead, not just directly in front of your car. That way you can scan for dangers and be aware of escape paths should you need to take them. This lesson was repeated when I learned how to ride a motorcycle and again as I’m learning how to fly a plane.

Managing Editor Erin Marquis thinks everyone on the road could use a refresher course on how best to use turn lanes, as the number of drivers who slow way down then enter the turn lane, thus delaying traffic and defeating the purpose of the said turn lane, is entirely too damn high.


So are you a good driver? If so, how did you become good at it? What could other drivers learn from watching you, an expert in your field? Don’t worry, we won’t shame you if you’re not so great at this driving thing. We all started somewhere.

And as always, don’t text and drive.